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                                                                                                                 April 6, 2004
Proposal for the Creation of a New Brunswick 
Women's Tackle Football League

           As recently as ten years ago almost no females played sports such as soccer, hockey and rugby. The last decade has seen the "gender equity" movement open the doors for women to participate in virtually every "for men only" sport on the globe, even tackle football. 
In the U.S.A. several women's leagues have sprung up during the last couple of years. Most successful is the National Women's Football Association with 36 teams including one in Portland, Maine. This league plays in the spring and summer. In 2003, their third year of operation, the NWFA played their championship game at Vanderbilt University stadium front of 6,000 fans. For 2004 the league has a television contract. Check out the promotional video on their website. Teams in this league are having hundreds of players try out for their teams. Players are active in the community holding football clinics for girls and urging them to lobby their high schools and minor football programs to create programs for females. 
           The Independent Women's Football League has 20 teams, including the Montreal Blitz who bill themselves as Canada's first and only women's full contact football team. The IWFL is also a spring and summer league. There is also a team in this league based in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.
            The Women's Professional Football League completes what is unofficially known as the
"big three" of women's football leagues. The WPFL is the only one to play in the traditional fall period. It has 17 teams.
            It has not been all smooth sailing for women's football. The National Women's Football Association originally called itself the National Women's Football League. However, the NFL commenced legal action against the NWFL and forced a name change. Unlike the NBA which fostered the WNBA the NFL squandered a major opportunity to take this great game to a higher plane.

      When the subject of female tackle football is raised at meetings in New Brunswick, football organizers have always indicated that girls are welcome to play in the existing programs.  In theory our programs are open to members of both sexes. However, in practice, less than one percent of our players are female. Quite simply, in football,  lack of size, strength and speed quickly preclude participation by girls playing against boys much beyond the age of 12. No other sport asks women to compete in the men's program. The lack of action in this area is inexcusable.

         It is time to create a New Brunswick  "for women only" tackle football league !

         The proposed league would run in the summertime from mid-June until mid-August using minor football association gear that would otherwise be idle at that time. Coaches and organizers will come from the four existing teams of the New Brunswick Senior Football League. Besides players, the new league is also looking for women who want to learn to coach, officiate, manage and administer the teams.
An all-female league should have four teams to ensure viability. Likely candidates for the first year would be a team from Moncton, one from Fredericton and two from Saint John. Teams would be affiliated to varying degrees with the existing four teams in the New Brunswick Senior Football League and would likely play according to the rules of the New Brunswick Senior Football League.

     As well the following "special" rules and regulations might become part of the  league's operations:

(1) Games would consist of four quarters of 15 minutes, straight time, except for the last 3 minutes of each half ,which would have the time clock stop after each play. This would produce games of about 90 minutes in total length. 

(2) Each team would have 10 players on the field at any time. One coach per team would be permitted to be on the field to instruct their players for, at least, the first half of the season.

(3) The league would use the smaller Martin 201 Intermediate size football.

Efforts to organize the league are in process. If this project is successful in 2004 the NBWFL would be the first ever women's tackle football league in Canada. Contact persons are as follows: 


Contact Day Phone Evening Phone E-Mail
Saint John Darcy Barker - 643-8812
Moncton Dan Fearon - 386-1549
Fredericton Terry McIntyre 458-0824 459-8726

More information on the league can be found at

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